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ASP .NET typical Deployment scenario (6/21/2006)
Imagine you develop an ASP .NET application (it doesn’t matter if it is 1.x or 2.0). You use windows authentication (as recommended by experts!!) to connect to your SQL Server (2000 or 2005) database. By now it sounds good. Now imagine you want to deploy it on a production server. Here is the actual scenario. I am planning to explain the scenario and possible solutions for a proper deployment. I just assume that you are supposed to deploy the ASP .NET application on a windows 2003 server (Any edition).
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Email enhancements in .NET Framework 2.0 (2/28/2006)
System.Web.Mail is obsolete. Use System.Net.Mail instead. This is the first error that you will see when you try to compile your old codes in ASP .NET 1.X containing e-mail codes. In this article we don't mean to compare e-mail delivery for ASP .NET 1.x and 2.0. I try to have a briefing on how to setup and send e-mail from a .NET 2.0 application from scratch.
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How to install and configure MSDE (10/28/2005)
Long years after MSDE (Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine) release still I see some professional developers, use Microsoft Access or even My SQL for their data storage in their applications because it is FREE. I came to know most of the people don’t use MSDE because they don’t know such a product exists or they don’t know how to install and configure it. It is not a technical article about MSDE. I am simply explaining how install MSDE as your database server, the client tools for MSDE and finally SQL Server Service Pack 4 for MSDE. This article will cover the default installation and configuration process for MSDE default instance setup. Configuring MSDE as a named instance installation is not much different from SQL Server standard edition or enterprise edition.
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Partial Classes in Visual Studio 2005 (8/2/2005)
Partial class is simply a new way of defining a class in .NET Framework 2.0 compatible programming languages. In general partial class means the ability to distribute the class definition in more than one file, so you will have part of the class in one file and the other part in another part. In this article I try to explain the concept of partial classes, the syntax and the usage of them.
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Operator Overloading in C# (7/18/2005)
Operator overload is a quite familiar concept to traditional C++ programmers. I am writing this article for the friends who are totally unfamiliar with the operator overloading concept and then I try to provide a sample code with operator overloading in C#. In better words I am just trying to clarify the concept of operator overloading. Otherwise this article is not enough to cover the complete concept of operator overloading.
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Crystal Reports in ASP .NET Web Applications (5/29/2005)
In this article, I am not planning to get into the details of Crystal Reports. Every single kid can open Crystal and play with it to design some simple reports (definitely you need to know a lot about crystal to design a professional report but currently that is not our main topic). There are lots of complains about crystal reports from the programmers that this feature is NOT working properly and we see even more complains when developers try it for the web application. I plan to give you and overview and a walkthrough code on how to use crystal reports in the web applications.
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