These are the most commonly used links that I recommend to any Software Developer
Connection strings

How do you connect to an InterBase database with ADO .NET? What about Paradox? Any idea about MySql!? No matter what database it is. If you are using ADO .NET you can always find the ConnectionString to your beloved database. Find it here!
Learn BizTalk from masters

They are integrating the integrators. This is one of the loveliest communities that I have ever seen for BizTalk server and Windows communication foundation. You will find some cool video presentations and nice articles there. If you work with BizTalk Server do NOT MISS IT!
Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog

This is "The official blog of the SharePoint Product Group" and you will find the latest and most reliable content about MOSS, SharePoint and related technologies directly from MOSS product team. I myself have learned a lot from them. Why don't you try it yourself?

MOSS 2007 Web Services

 If you work with MOSS as a developer for sure you need to interact with the XML Web Services. Here is the very sweet place that you can find a complete reference to all XML Web Services used in MOSS.

SQL Server performance

Here you can find a collection of sweet articles on SQL Server 2000/2005 performance tuning. The articles are extremely professional and I personally have learned a lot from this website. Enjoy it!
Ten Must-Have Tools Every Developer Should Download Now

 Always there is a challenge in development environments that Shall I install X? Shall I install Y? and ...
Here is the answer. See this article and you will find what ever that a typical .NET developer may need as extras on his/her development machine.

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