DateTechnical weblog archive
12/17/2018Unit testing - xUnit 2
12/17/2018Unit testing - xUnit
1/4/2017Adding and removing fields in SharePoint list using Client Side Object Model CSOM 101 - Part 3
10/18/2016Adding and removing lists to SharePoint site using client side object model CSOM 101 - Part 2
10/16/2016SharePoint Client Side Object Model tutorial - Part 1
4/28/2016How to use CAML query in SharePoint Clinet Side Object Model
4/24/2016How to use CAML query on Lookup fields in SharePoint 2013
4/20/2016Working with DateTime field in CAML Query
4/18/2016How to create a SharePoint External list from SQL Server using Business Data Connectivity Services and Secure Store Service
4/12/2016How to use CAML query on SharePoint text fields (Equals, Contains, Begins With)
4/8/2016Using C# and CAML to query the list items in SharePoint - SPQuery
4/2/2016Accessing SharePoint user fields programmatically using C#
11/3/2015Assigning master page to a SharePoint 2013 site programmatically (Client Side Object Model)
11/2/2015Assigning master page to a SharePoint 2013 site programmatically (Server Side Object Model)
10/28/2015Recreating SharePoint site collection using PowerShell
7/9/2013Value does not fall within the expected range visual studio module (Visual Studio 2012)
1/2/2012How to restore SQL Server 2005/2008 master database
12/14/2011Anonymous access for SharePoint 2010 application pages
9/10/2011Cannot delete content type in SharePoint 2010 - Error: The content type is in use
1/17/2011SharePoint Trainer website launched!
12/2/2010BOOTMGR is missing
11/2/2010You cannot use SharePoint. Your system administrator has turned off the feature.
2/12/2010Visual Studio 2008, ASP .NET and Crystal Report
2/8/2010How to change the size of Quick Launch menu in SharePoint
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