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Adding and removing fields in SharePoint list using Client Side Object Model CSOM 101 - Part 3 (1/4/2017)

You create a SharePoint list and now you need to make some adjustments to the list. In this video you will see how to add or remove fields to the SharePoint list

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Adding and removing lists to SharePoint site using client side object model CSOM 101 - Part 2 (10/18/2016)
This is quite common situation that you need to add a list or library pro grammatically as a Provider Hosted App, add-on. This code simply shows you how to create a list in SharePoint or delete it.
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SharePoint Client Side Object Model tutorial - Part 1 (10/16/2016)
In this video series I started an easy to understand tutorial for SharePoint client side object model.
This specific video includes an overview of CSOM using C# and explains references and main .NET objects used to make a simple Windows application that connects to SharePoint 2013/2016.
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How to use CAML query in SharePoint Clinet Side Object Model (4/28/2016)

It has been my passion these days to work on CAML query. This passion has produced 7 videos so far. This video that I published last night shows you how to query a SharePoint list using CAML query and CSOM (Client Side Object Model).

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How to use CAML query on Lookup fields in SharePoint 2013 (4/24/2016)

In this video I present and demo how you can write a CAML query to filter the SharePoint list item based on Value and Key in a lookup field

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Working with DateTime field in CAML Query (4/20/2016)

This video covers the use of CAML query filtering SharePoint Date field.

Keywords: DateTime, Today, OffsetDays, IncludeTimeValue

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How to create a SharePoint External list from SQL Server using Business Data Connectivity Services and Secure Store Service (4/18/2016)

In this video you will see how to create a SharePoint 2013 external list based on the data from remote SQL Server database using SQL Authentication, Secure Store Service and Business Data Connectivity Service.

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How to use CAML query on SharePoint text fields (Equals, Contains, Begins With) (4/12/2016)
In this video you will see:
- Simple CAML Query structure
- Searching for exact string (Equals)
- Searching for part of the string (Contains)
- Searching for text starting with search string (Begins With)
- Searching for Less than or Greater than search string
- Combining search conditions (And/Or)
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Using C# and CAML to query the list items in SharePoint - SPQuery (4/8/2016)
After I learned that CAML query is the fastest way to query SharePoint lists and libraries, I was always obsessed about using CAML everywhere possible. I have done enough of CAML that I call myself a master in CAML development and now this is time to share what I learned after so many years. This is the start.
In this video I start a series of CAML query tutorial and I reveal lots of tips and tricks to build efficient CAML queries.
Here is the first video... Enjoy
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Accessing SharePoint user fields programmatically using C# (4/2/2016)
This video demonstrates how to get the content of SharePoint user field (person/group) programmatically.
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Assigning master page to a SharePoint 2013 site programmatically (Client Side Object Model) (11/3/2015)

As I mentioned in the previous post, I put a simple function together to assign the master page for a SharePoint 2013 website using Client Side Object Model (CSOM). This function can be simply used in a provider hosted App or a simple consol application.


// Client Side Object Model
/// <summary>
This function gets the site Url and master page name and assigns the new master page to the site
<param name="siteUrl">The URL of the site you'd like to change the master page programmatically</param>
<param name="masterPageFileName">The file name of the new master page
void setMasterPageCSOM(string siteUrl, string masterPageFileName)
ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext(siteUrl);
Web rootWeb = ctx.Site.RootWeb;
List masterPageList = rootWeb.Lists.GetByTitle("Master Page Gallery");
File newMasterPage = masterPageList.RootFolder.Files.GetByUrl(masterPageFileName);
    ctx.Load(newMasterPage, mp => mp.ServerRelativeUrl);
Web currentWeb = ctx.Web;
    currentWeb.CustomMasterUrl = newMasterPage.ServerRelativeUrl;
    currentWeb.MasterUrl = newMasterPage.ServerRelativeUrl;

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Assigning master page to a SharePoint 2013 site programmatically (Server Side Object Model) (11/2/2015)
It is always part of the branding a SharePoint to assign your newly developed/customized master page to the site and it usually takes some twigs to make it right. On the other side master page Url is a relative and things get complicated when you concatenate the strings to make that relative Url.
Below is a function with server side code. When I get a chance I put the same functionality together using CSOM.

// Server Side Object Model

protected void setMasterPageSSOM(SPWeb web, string masterPageFileName)


    SPFile masterPage;


        masterPage = web.Lists["Master Page Gallery"].RootFolder.Files[masterPageFileName];


        masterPage = web.Site.RootWeb.Lists["Master Page Gallery"].RootFolder.Files[masterPageFileName];

    web.CustomMasterUrl = masterPage.ServerRelativeUrl;

    web.MasterUrl = masterPage.ServerRelativeUrl;



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